Make Christmas 2018 Insta Worthy!

Make your Christmas lunch this year insta worth and try some of the top Christmas food trends for 2018. Christmas is not Christmas without the turkey, ham and Christmas Pudding. These foods have a place on every families table. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional recipes. Get creative and come up with some new ideas to make classic dishes fresh and exciting. The idea is to balance traditional Christmas with new trends.

2018 cooking trends include:

* Raw food – this is the dietary practice of eating only or mostly food that is uncooked or unprocessed. Use salads that include the finest and freshest ingredients and keep their original flavour. Broccoli should taste like broccoli and carrots should taste like carrots. Skip the drizzle of honey this year and have your carrots taste as original as possible.

* Sous Vide – will also help in keeping the original flavour of your food and has always been a way of cooking restricted to restaurants due to the cost of the equipment. Until now. Food Cooked in the sous vide style is vacuum sealed and when it is cooked it doesn’t lose any of the foods moisture or flavour. You can purchase your own equipment at reasonable pricing from major retail outlets. Sous vide will also result in silky smooth textured food that is impossible to replicate in the oven or pan.

* Exchange unhealth for healthy – This is straight forward but is becoming more of a trend this Christmas. Swap your mash potato for mash cauliflower and I’m sure the kids wont be disappointed.

New flavours have also become popular this year! How do you incorporate those popular flavours in to your Christmas Cooking. A few ideas include:

* Salted Caramel – we are seeing these flavours through a variety of different cooking from desserts to fine dining. To incorporate the silky salted caramel flavours this Christmas, why not drizzle over the top of a mince pie or Christmas putting to complement the fruity flavours.

* Gingerbread spice is an oldie but a goodie is recently making a comeback. try adding this spice to your turkey stuffing this year and bring out the sweet undertones of the meat.

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